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I’m an experienced Project Manager passionate about empowering teams so they can do their best work. I believe the future of technology is in its people. The tools we use mean nothing unless they are wielded with precision in service to a greater strategy. Energy doesn’t become work until direction is applied; a project must have a single voice communicating its purpose. I am skilled at providing that voice.


Specialties: Project management, organizational leadership, communication, presentations, branding, marketing, digital strategy, making things happen



I created this custom WordPress theme based on the Foundation framework. It uses custom post types to […]

Video (Shooting & Editing): Dave Hause, ‘Devour’ teaser

I shot half of the footage used in this video and edited all of it, including the […]


I created this wireframe using Balsamiq to illustrate what might look for the stakeholders. My wireframes were accepted, and you can now see the siate at

Presentation: Child Themes

This presentation was given at the OC WordPress Web Designers group meeting on March 5, 2013. The intention was to teach why and how to use child themes in WordPress theme development. View the presentation on Speakerdeck:

Motion Graphics: Lyric Video, “Are You On Your Way”

I made this lyric video for Middle Class Rut's song "Are You On Your Way." Since no music video was going to be made for this track, we decided to make a lyric video and put it on the band's YouTube channel. Radio stations as well as press outlets were able to use this video as additional content for their audiences.

Motion Graphics: Lyric Video, “Aunt Betty”

Content warning: Language I made this video to tied fans over until the music video was finished. Taking inspiration from the album artwork and the 'follow the bouncing ball' convention of sing-a-long videos from my childhood, I created this.


For this website, I created a custom design using album artwork and created a customized child theme in WordPress. View the site in production:


This website features a widgetized homepage to feature all the band's content and is based on the band's artwork. View the site in production:

Website: Small Talk

Content warning: Mature themes This website is for a student's MFA thesis, namely a horror film called Small Talk. Featuring the writer/director Nicole Witte Solomon's Kickstarter page prominently was a primary goal. Though it's student work, she still had to raise $15,000 to make the film. This site was created by adding custom coding to a commercial WordPress theme to suit the project's needs. View the production website:

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